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Premium Plugins Included

Plugins we give MGANA comes packed with all these major Plugins free of cost and totally compatible

Great Performance

MGANA is made to load fast is compatible with the most well know optimizer plugins

One Click Demo Importer

All contents are included in the package and can be imported with just one click

Boxed and Wide Layout

Choose between boxed and wide layout. This can be a global selection for all pages or single selection per page or post.

Fully Responsive

MGANA is fully responsive, adapt the device size, pixel perfect and all elements look beautiful in all standard and retina devices and resolutions

Professional Support 24/7

We Doing Our Best Provide prompt and qualified support for our clients. If you have any question, don’t worry. We’ll always find the right answers

RTL Language Support

MGANA is support RTL, you can easily translatable in to any language with RTL directions

Seo Optimized

Topping the rank for all the relevant keywords is the order of the day for RAZ Theme

70+ Elements

Amazing elements ready for use in the front-end page builder Elementor, everything drag & drop.

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